Introducing the SIM Creative Toolbox

Switch2move’s new virtual program, (SIM) Social-Implicit-Movement Program, is a digital creative educational program for home and professional environments. 

It is specifically designed for:

  • Volunteers;
  • Informal caregivers
  • Professional careers. 

Developed for instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL), it relates to Limitations on Activities of Daily Living (LADL)

As from now, Switch2move is launching a new programme. It is an online E-Learner (SIM) Social Implicit Movement Program. The fundamental ambition is to enhances human communication by stimulating physical, mental and emotional activation. It’s a creative toolkit for health and social care. Specifically designed to help build personal resilience and enhance everyone’s wellbeing and simultaneously quality of life! 

For a limited time only: A lifetime subscription to our Creative Toolbox, now at a reduced price!

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What does it do?

  • Enhance autonomy 
  • Enhance verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Enhance physical, cognitive, mental and social activities
  • Offers professional advice from specialists in the fields of physiology, psychology and sociology. 

Target populations: 

Persons with disabilities and their carer’s, professional or informal. Health issues such as: 

  • Chronic health conditions;
  • Cognitive health;
  • Mental health & Physical injury. 


Knowledge / information gaps and lacking coordination are common collaboration challenges between formal caregivers and volunteers/informal caregivers. These challenges can be eliminated by clarifying the roles of health volunteers through comprehensive based educational needs, supporting health volunteers to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for providing society with training and services, developing measures for the attraction and maintenance of health volunteers.

We believe this program can utilization healthcare volunteers’ services by providing them with the required support resources. 

Switch2move offers this educational package to develop preventative & rehabilitative interventions which aimed to empower participants to self-care and enhance daily activity and independence. 

Creative tools for all those that care for others and want to enhance physical, mental and social activity. Based on the renowned Switch2move methodology. 

Over 50 movement and music session with in-depth guidance to offer and share. All based on a professional session designed to address physical and mental health and is accompanied by specially designed tools to use the creative music tools. 

The sessions can be delivered to:

  • small groups, 
  • one on one sessions in the comfort of one’s home, 
  • office/corridor spaces, 
  • edical or care centre. 

All programs mentioned can be watched on a laptop screen/tablet. The resources are also ideal for staff or home use can be followed on a smartphone. For Switch2move it’s important that the programs mentioned meet the needs of our diverse populations and can be readily adapted as people grow older or experience advanced disabilities. 

The Switch2move main aim is to enhance, purpose, creativity and personal mastery for all concerned.